5 Things Homeowners Unknowingly Do That Damage Their Roofs

5 Things Homeowners Unknowingly Do That Damage Their Roofs

It’s time to call out some mistakes that are made by homeowners that you are not aware of and end with frustration and expensive repairs. Its time you stop doing these things if you want to maintain a good roof.


Gutters work by keeping the water away from your home.  However, if the gutters are not regularly cleaned, they can’t do their job. If you don’t clean your gutters, water will end up where its not supposed to and could damaging your roof.


Trees cause damage. Leaves and dirt will fall on your roof holding in moisture and bacteria, and also causing mold, mildew and other issues. Moisture isn’t good for your roof since it can seep under the roof, meaning having to replace your roof. At Howard & Sons, Inc. we care a lot about nature any try to do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint.  Protecting and planting trees is one way to do that, but if you are going to have trees close to the house you need to pay even more attention to cleaning your gutters, or consider getting a metal roof that will need less maintenance.  

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It is important to clean your roof, yet too much water could end up doing more damage than good. Its best not to wash your rood too many times, and try to avoid highly pressurized water.  We recommend washing your roof maximum once a year.  In Southern California, as long as your gutters are in good shape and doing their job to carry debris away, the rainy season should do most of the washing for you.  


   4.  DIY ADDICT  

Many people want to avoid the cost of fixing a roof, so they end up trying to fix it or inspect it themselves. They will see a damaged shingle or tile and by trying to fix it they may unknowingly be making the damage even worse.  Working on a roof can be dangerous. Just walking on a roof the wrong way can cause damage, and may cause more leaks. Leave it to the professionals.



Trust me, we are not trying to take anyone’s TV away, or discourage you from contracting satellite TV, we are just saying that adding a satellite dish to your roof the wrong way may cause holes that can allow moisture underneath the roof and cause damage to the wood.  This is an example of damage from an improperly installed satellite dish at a home we recently did repairs for. 


All of the images above are actual situations that we have seen while on the job in different areas of California.  Remember, if you see signs of a leaking roof from inside your home such as dark spots on the ceiling, mold or dampness, please take action immediately.  If you are unsure and would like a free quote feel free to call us at 951-402-ROOF.